Amazon affiliate marketing.

 Amazon affiliate program  

amazon affiliate marketing
Amazon affiliate marketing 

Amazon affiliate  program 

Hello I will tell Amazon  affiliate program  everything can be understandable by asking questions about amazon affiliate marketing because questions have deeper imprints in brain so to understand how does amazon affiliate marketing work  we should think about our first question what is Amazon affiliate marketing   it is a way we say a way of earning money without even lifting a finger so you are on the right article I will tell you how can you earn how can you redeem and how does it work.

                First let's come to the definition what is Amazon online commercial site in India when it come came to India because it is an US based MNC it has to build up its share in the market to remain competitive does it got a promotion programme Amazon sell the products of retailers on some select products Amazon gives Commission to those who brought that person to buy that product so if you have a large group of base papers sample FB page website and this can be another way of earning for you.

 To join Amazon affiliate program one has..

Hi,  To be on Amazon obviously we are on Amazon there we required an Amazon account not a Flipkart account for one has to be signed up by Amazon account or if you are not an Amazon customer then you should sign up now create an Amazon account.
Amazon affiliate marketing better then ever for earning. 

             If you don't have an Amazon account then go to Amazon you will see sign up then click up on it you will have to fill some basic irement example name email mobile number password then you will have to verify like email and mobile number to verify mobile number they will send OTP and for email they will send you a personal email.

 You will have to login to your email account then open the verification mail and click upon the verification link you are now ready and have an Amazon account.

To join Amazon affiliate program you need to have an product promotion way. Didn't get it. 

                                            Let's think about  you have a shop to survive you will be have to sell so that you can make profit out of it because no business can survive with loose losses only that is not the way Economy works so you will advertise to learn something about feedback complaints so on you may have a salesman who will reach out to customer more friendly and could manipulate him to buy the product in Amazon after your that salesman here you will use your skills over large groups and followings the this in sales marketing you have to join an affiliate program not necessarily something to you will need need a way to promote the products this can be any example websites media pages Social media pages so now we have an Amazon account and a product promotion way so let's come to main topic

How do we join the Amazon affiliate program . 

warning....  if you have to join Amazon Prime you must have an internet question is what I forgot to write above so everything is browser ok stop this talk and come to the poet open the search bar Android Amazon affiliate program and the result you will get Google search about Amazon affiliate program click a link and you will be on its dashboard.

 I am feeling guilty for wasting your time so tired are the link you will be directly get to the dashboard then login through the Amazon account but you already had here you can create Amazon affiliate associate account in this you will have to feel some busy these days as payee name address state pincode phone number and country etc.

If you have field that then click next option and give your website URL by which you want to promote your priority you can also give Facebook page URL asset then.

                   They give Amazon associate ID here associate ID can be anything according to your product category then then break your brain and think of a good name for your store is Apple, Manirjas. Com,  mobile shop etc.

 Select topic. 

    The product you want to promote most you will have to select that category as a primary topic Technology has extract rar and then you can select other as secondary topic.

Selecting the best way to promote is the key for your Earning  anything great that can't be carried out practically can be proven fatal so choose the best way to promote and give details about it.

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 If you have a Blog and you receive prominent traffic on it and you earn money through it then give details about it here.

                        Last but not least identity verification they will verify your details they will call you for it after verification you have successfully joined the Amazon affiliate program now you can login and select rows to promote through any promotion way you will earn Commission on it.

 I hope you have glass about the Amazon affiliate program and you have any problems or query about it then commepnt below you will surely get respond about it I also hope you will earn create through this program and mind to choose the best way to promote

Amazon affiliate marketing. 

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