What is blogger? How to earnmoney from Blogger? How to create free website?

What is blogger? How to earnoney money from blogger:-

Friends, in today's world everyone want money and to get part time jobs or to get online free money they regular search on a particular topic every day on youtube as well os on Google that how to get money online, how to get free online jobs. So in this article i can cover a most important topic that how to earnmoney in blogger and How to create website you can create a free blog or a website with the help of google blogger. To know all this, you can  read this article from beginning to end. All of these will be well known and you can create a blog or a website yourself with a different look  Let's start: -

First your are  getting to know about the difference between blogger and blog

In the beginning Every one know that blogger and blog are same, but Blogger and Blog looks like same but their is a difference .Blogger is such a platform that lets you to  create a blog or a website as well as it give the permission to run your website on Google , but on the other hand Blog means whatever we write to show to the other people in the article and only that article are get to show you by Google .So, now your doubt are solved and now you know about the what is blogger and blog.To run your website their is free platform  available such as wordpress.com, Blogger.com, weebly.com, wix.com etc. One of the platforms is Blogger, which is the most famous in the world, so use the platform most because it is a product of google and making a website or blog is very easy.

How to create a free blog or website

The most important thing in Blogger is that you can earn money from any blog you created, because Google Blogger also gives you the freedom to monetize your blog, while other platforms make blogs free of charge, that's Monitize does not give option. For most of these reasons, make a website or blog on Blogger, you can easily create a Website or Blog using this platform.

Bloggers go to: -

For Blogger's money, you will have to make a best blog because you can use it to earn money from Blogger. The most important thing for you to make a good blog on that topic on that you have a good knowledge over a particular topic which you can tell to people and that you can understand things otherwise your blog will fail.
To make money from Blogger, you must monitize your blog, then there will be ads showing on your blog which will get you money. To get an ads show on the blog, you will have to get Adsense approval, which means that many people have problems that their Adsense is not approved, so friends should tell you that when you write good content on your blog. And when people start reading your blog and they like it, then you must apply for Adsense, your blog will definitely monitize.

Easy method to create a new blog  and website on Blogger :-

To create a Blog or Website on Blogger, first of all you can open the browser whether it is in mobile or pc, laptop, computer, you can create it, then there you can type in the Search box or type www.Blogger.com.

If you go to Blogger. Com
then you will be able to open this type of Dashboard there, then you will see the option of Create your blog, click on it, after clicking, you will have to select your Gmail-Id. 
 In the next step You want to create a blog or website. After selecting, you will need to enter the password of that Gmail-Id in the next option. After doing this, you will be successful signup, after that, in the next step you will open some such dashboard, you do not have to do anything here, just Click on below button to continue to Blogger option.
After clicking on the  Blogger option, the most important option is this,  if you miss here, then your blog or website will not be in your opinion because you have to choose a name and address for your blog or website here and when You will make a mistake in selecting the address of your blog or website, then you may have problems later.
So friends should think of you by choosing Name and address for your blog or website, but if you make a mistake in choosing the name, it can be corrected but if you make the address wrong then it can not be changed later. | After selecting Blog Name and Address, you have to select a theme for your blog or website, click on it.

Now your blog or website has been successfully created, now you have to do a lot of settings in it to submit your site to the webmaster tool, then your blog will be show  in first page of google search. After that, if you give great content on there, when you are complicated at least 15-20 content on your blog, then you are eligiblefor earning. Go to Blogger's Earning option, sign in to Adsense, then Adsense will review your website and when it is convenient to show your website ads and If adsense will be emailed to you, your blog will be eligible to show ads, then you will be able to easily earn money by showing ads on your blog.

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